USATF San Diego Sanction Pricing

Sanction your event today and join the USA Track & Field network of over 130,000 runners and nationally recognized events!
  • Secure your event with the running industry's most comprehensive and competitive liability insurance policy. Events with existing insurance can choose to waive the insurance fee. 
  • The sanction indicates your commitment to follow national and international rules and regulations regarding the sport and your committement to provide a safe environment for all participants. 
  • The sanction provides access to add-on event medical staff insurance for all volunteers and healthcare providers on site. 
  • Once your event is sancitoned it appears on the national and local event calendar. 
  • A comprehensive list of beneifts and resources regarding sanctions can be found here.
Sanction Fee Schedule

Tier # of Participants Fee
1 1-100 $120.00
2 101-250 $185.00
3 251-500 $335.00
4 501-1,000 $620.00
5 1,001-2,000 $915.00
6 2,001-4,000 $1,610.00
7 4,001-6,000 $2,300.00
8 6,001-10,000 $4,575.00
9 10,001-15,000 $7,900.00
10 15,001-25,000 $11,900.00
11 25,001-35,000 $15,850.00
12 35,000+ $19,800.00
  • The first step in sanctioning your event is adding it to the event calendar by putting in your event details, dates, times, etc. At the bottom of the page you will be prompted to complete your sanction and taken to a new page where you will pay for the sanction. 
  • Once payment is complete you will recieve an email confirmation and your official event sanction PDF will be emailed once our association and the national office clear your event. 
  • Questions can be directed to our local sanction chair. 
  • Thank you for your committment to our sport! 

Sanctions Chair
Jennifer Nanista-Stevens