Here you will find information on the Open Divison (ages 18 - 29) as well as the popular Winter Classic Series and Summer Nights all-comer's meets.The San Diego-Imperial Association Championships are typically held in June and include electronic timing, medals, awards, results and prize money in some cases.   

More track and field infomation can be found on our Masters page or the Youth track page.

Special Thanks to our Track & Field meet sponsor - SpeedMaker

 The SpeedMaker is a groundbreaking wearable resistance training device conceived during a time where speed development has not made any leaps in training technology. It is engineered to provide an athlete with resistance to the muscle groups most responsible for speed production and has the added benefit of promoting stretch-reflex in the hip flexors. This then perpetuates knee lift, hip extensor force production, and subsequently speed development. And best of all, the device is completely portable and allows an athlete full range of motion.

Other opportunities to compete in Track & Field

The Winter T&F Classic Series and the 2016 Summer Nights T&F Series are local all-comer's meets with a selection of events taking place on Wednesday evening at twilight. The meets are open to all ages and USATF membership is not required. Entry fee's are very low - usually around $5-7 per event making it fun and accessible for everyone. 

Meets are held around San Diego county and include electronic timing. Please see calendar below  or for details.


Track and Field Events
Date Event Location Contact Results
1/16/2016 Winter T&F Classic #2 Sweetwater HS Tim Latham Results
2/3/2016 Winter T&F Classic #3 Mount Miguel HS Chris Conwright Results
03/25/16 38th Annual Aztec Invitational - Open Section San Diego State Rick Reaser Results
6/8/2016 Summer Nights #1 University City HS Jim McCarthy Results
6/11/2016  USATF San Diego-Imperial Assoc T&F Championships
SD Mesa College Wes Williams
Sirena Alise

6/22/2016 Summer Nights #2 SD Mesa College Renee Ross Results
7/13/2016 Summer Nights #3 SDSU Shelia Burrell Results
7/20/2016 Summer Nights #4 Sweetwater HS Tim Latham Results
  2015 Events      
1/17/2015 Winter Classic T&F #3 Sweetwater HS Results
1/24/2015 Winter Classic T&F #4 Olympian HS Results
6/06/2015  USATF Southern CA Assoc T&F Championships /
USATF West Region Championships
Cerritos, CA - Results
6/10/2015 Summer Nights T&F #1
        (Updated 06/02/15)
University City HS Results
6/13/2015  USATF San Diego-Imperial Assoc T&F Championships Olympic Training Center Results
6/24/2015 Summer Nights T&F #2
        (Updated 06/02/15)
Clairemont HS Results
6/27/2015 USATF San Diego-Imperial Assoc Masters T&F Championships/ Chuck McMahon Memorial T&F Meet (age 30+) CSUSM Results
7/8/2015 Summer Nights T&F #3
              (Updated 06/02/15)
SDSU Results
7/22/2015 Summer Nights T&F #4                    (Updated 06/02/15) Sweetwater HS Results
7/27/2015 Naval Base San Diego T&F Meet Naval Base San Diego - Results
12/05/2015 Winter T&F Classic #1 / SDSU Red-Black Meet
SDSU Rick Reaser Results